The 100 Post Challenge

Some may have wondered if Bunsen Blog would ever resurface. Even I thought it might remain scuttled by the combined pressures life puts on such discretionary pursuits as maintaining a blog. But in the spirit of short-lived New Year’s resolutions, I’d like to attempt a salvage operation on the rusted hulk that is Bunsen Blog in 2017 and restore it to ship-worthiness. OK, enough with the maritime metaphors.

Importantly, I do not want to repeat the mistakes of the past, such as committing indefinitely to a pattern of posting (however infrequent) that I can almost guarantee will not last. Instead, I’m carving out a chunk of time (the year 2017) and setting a goal for myself of 100 posts, which works out to about 2 a week. This will be a challenge to accomplish, but not too outlandish a request of my time.

I have no compunction about cheating a little, either (such as considering this light-weight post in the total). If a topic is sufficiently dense or wide-ranging, I will gladly split it into a multi-part series if needed. And I don’t put it past myself to spend a post here or there fleshing out an idea I might talk about elsewhere.

Even with those concessions, I will almost double the number of posts on Bunsen Blog since I last hit the reset button on this blog almost 9 years ago. (What came before was ancient pre-history: legend tells of an older form of Bunsen Blog dating back to the year 2007 using Apple’s long-since abandoned iWeb platform, but archaeological evidence has yet to be unearthed to support such stories.)

My hope is that by setting my 100-post goal in public, I’ll be more likely to reach that eventual goal. Or as Captain Ramius might put it:


There. One post completed already!  #feelingaccomplished #only99more2go #hashtagsareoverused

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