Symphony of Science


Several years ago, I happened across several videos in a series called Symphony of Science from an artist who goes by the name Melody Sheep. The videos are mashups that took bits to video from various sources (mostly science documentaries) and spliced them together with an upbeat melody and a LOT of autotune magic. The resulting mix is based on a satisfyingly geeky subject matter. But it is also transmogrified into a melodic and I daresay beautiful sonic portrait of the ideas, inspiration, and optimism of science.



Over the weekend, I was outside doing some much-needed yard work. With winter now behind us (no more unanticipated snowstorms, hopefully), the time has arrived to start bringing the yard back into shape for the spring and summer. While I was outside, I was also listening to an audiobook I had started a couple weeks ago: Michael Pollan’s The Botany of Desire. It struck me that the ideas I was listening to (the ethos of variety and nuance in botany) were in contrast with the actions I was taking. My yard work was attempting to bring “order” (a uniform green lawn free from “weeds”) to “chaos” (a natural variety of plants). Was I being a hypocrite by demonstrating textbook “dominion over nature”?



A significant part of how we interpret the world around us is through contrast. Good things don’t seem quite as beneficial without the bad with which to compare. And so it is with health – at least for me. The fact that the human body manages to juggle the myriad responsibilities necessary to keep us alive is impressive by itself. And the ability to do so completely unguided by conscious action on our part is even more incredible. But the thing that comes to mind whenever I’m experiencing (or having recently experienced) illness is just how uncommon it is for our bodies to falter in their duty as ‘protector of the realm.’



It’s been over a month since the reboot of this blog took place. In that time, I’ve blogged almost more in the past 30 days than the past 3 years. Aside from my own selfish motivations for chronicling my thoughts in this medium, I thought it might be interesting to ask those who read it for input. As each blog post starts off as a tabula rasa, I’m curious to see what others would want to read about.

E-Sports and VR


E-Sports have been on the rise for several years now. The most popular titles have been MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas) such as League of Legends and DOTA2 (Defense of the Ancients). But those are just the beginning, as other game types and publishers are hoping to get in on the action. It will be intriguing to see how e-sports compete with traditional sports in terms of numbers of viewers. But I am more interested in how the recent renaissance of VR (virtual reality) has the potential to change the very nature of “watching a match” be it e-sports or physical sports.