The 12 Days of Building a Computer



Disclaimer: it took me several hours – not 12 days – to build a computer from scratch.

I’ve enjoyed building computers for several years, and recently had the opportunity to build one for a friend. Building a computer from scratch is a neat opportunity, because it allows for a unifying component selection process (ideally) resulting in a balanced system. I decided to take this opportunity to document the entire process from start to finish – from assembling the components together to the finishing software updates.

Of Apple And Upgrades

An aftermarket SSD upgrade for the Retina MacBook Pro

An aftermarket upgrade for the 2012 Retina MacBook Pro

It so happens that I’m in the market for a new Mac computer. And as anyone who has purchased a computer before can attest to, it’s easy to spend way too much time thinking about the various options available for purchase. To upgrade at the time of purchase, or wait for an aftermarket upgrade? I am not immune to such idle thoughts, and have been thinking a lot about the upcoming (and quite expensive) new Mac Pros.

Give The Gift Of Solid State


For those who celebrate the holiday season with gift-giving (a common practice among American consumers), there’s one you probably haven’t thought of before that would make an excellent gift – or a very expensive stocking stuffer. And that is, of course, the gift of solid state.

In Computers We Trust

Building Trust - GET IT???

                                 Building Trust – pun intended.

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I’ve recently been mulling over the possibility of starting a computer-related consulting gig in my spare time. And as with any decision to enter into a particular market it’s important to understand the answers to some basic questions:

  • What value can I offer?
  • What differentiates me from everyone else?
  • What business activities are worth my time?