Evolution for the Masses

Courtesy of The Tech Report.

Courtesy of The Tech Report.

If you don’t accept the scientific validity of Evolution, then you should. Because Samsung’s latest SSD, the 840 EVO is a perfect example of rock-solid performance improvements in this latest generation of the Samsung family of SSDs. While not revolutionary or record breaking by itself, the 840 EVO still does a great job of improving an already impressive lineup of Samsung SSDs (830, 840) over the past two generations. But perhaps the biggest draw of the 840 EVO is it’s price to performance ratio.

I’ll spoil the surprise and give you the graph that really says it all:

Courtesy of The Tech Report.

Courtesy of The Tech Report.

But first let me provide a heuristic to explain how to interpret that graph from The Tech Report:

tech_report_valueThe idea behind their famed value scatter plot is that price per GB and performance by themselves aren’t especially helpful. You can buy a wicked fast SSD and get great performance (especially from an enterprise class PCI-Express SSD), but you will pay through the nose for it. Alternatively, you can get a “budget” SSD that does great on the low price per GB side, but doesn’t exactly wow anyone with its performance, except vs. traditional hard drives. The trick is balancing the two independent variables to get the best of both worlds: the best performance per $ per GB.

The Samsung EVO has pricing for everyone, with capacities including 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, 750GB, and 1TB models available. However, as with most SSDs the lower capacities (in this case the 120GB and somewhat the 250GB) have lower performance and higher price per GB than the larger capacities.

So let me stop right here. There are a lot of other cool features of this drive, and I would strongly advise you check them out. Get used to seeing these two sites referenced because they’re some of the best in tech writing out there (especially for the truly geeky), and always have thorough reviews of SSDs to enjoy.

AnandTech – 840 EVO Review

The Tech Report – 840 EVO Review

As for this blog, I want to focus on the advice: buy it. Just buy it. Go for the 500GB, 750GB or 1TB capacities if you can afford it and can make use of it to get the best bang-for-your-buck. The 250GB is still a very good drive, but the 120GB is stunted (due to an inability to spread NAND read/write operations over a large enough number of channels and chips).

Samsung’s 3 year warranty, rock-solid reliability (for the prior two generations at least), great software utility, and near-perfect blend of price and performance make recommending this SSD a no-brainer. It’s such an easy recommendation that basically anyone wanting a faster computing experience should get one. Evolution for the masses.

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