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It has been a very long time since I’ve regularly composed entries in a weblog – or in the vernacular, “blogged.” In fact, the past several years for me have been largely absent of any written word for the sake of personal enjoyment. But as I have recently sorted through the archives of my old posts to put together this resurrection of the Bunsen Blog, I realize that I’ve been missing out on an important retrospective element of my digital life.

However, I do not want this to become yet another ill-fated attempt to resume a regular blogging schedule; marked by a rapid decline in posting frequency. I have far too many examples of such false starts (the evidence of which litters the posts in this blog). So, with a metric tonne of skepticism for my own ability to actually start blogging regularly again, I want to try to identify three major roadblocks to maintaining a blog:

  1. Time – this variable is going to be tough to manage, but an effort I will extend to it nonetheless.
  2. Subject Matter – rather than sticking to one topic (technology) or splintering major topics into separate blogs (a cardinal sin of mine in the past), I’ll be all-inclusive for content. Apologies in advance.
  3. Audience – this is a tough one, because although the time and effort I have put into my better blog posts has made them legible to a larger (but still ultimately small) cadre of readers, it has caused me to post less frequently (if at all) and has been perhaps the most pernicious factor in my discontinuous blogging habits. So, to take a somewhat counter-intuitive approach to the issue, I’m going to shelve my typical concern for audience in an effort to ward off my tendency to not post because a blog entry isn’t worth an audience’s time reading it. Even if no other soul ever reads this, it can at least serve as that retrospective log of my digital prose. Again, my apologies in advance for the soliloquy effect.

So, where do we go from here? First, I’m going to try my own advice and try addressing those three roadblocks I just mentioned. So I’m not going to say “where do we go from here?” because the audience shouldn’t be omnipresent. So there. Wow, it’s quiet in here … great, now I’m talking to myself. And the topic? This is fine. A meta-discourse blog entry about blogging. And time? Why spend any more right now on this post? It’s a fairly complete thought already. So let’s stop right here.

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