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SSDs have really come a long way in affordability, capacity, performance, and endurance. And maintenance of an SSD is now a non-issue for most modern SSDs running Windows 7 or higher due to support of the TRIM command (basically garbage collection of deleted files). But whereas traditional spinning hard drives could care less if old data is left on them before overwriting it, an SSD has to first purge the data from a NAND flash cell before it can write anything new to it.

Evolution for the Masses

Courtesy of The Tech Report.

Courtesy of The Tech Report.

If you don’t accept the scientific validity of Evolution, then you should. Because Samsung’s latest SSD, the 840 EVO is a perfect example of rock-solid performance improvements in this latest generation of the Samsung family of SSDs. While not revolutionary or record breaking by itself, the 840 EVO still does a great job of improving an already impressive lineup of Samsung SSDs (830, 840) over the past two generations. But perhaps the biggest draw of the 840 EVO is it’s price to performance ratio.

Master of My Own Domain


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An alternative (and less punny) title to this post could have been: “From Technology to Services – How Modern Technical Understanding Is Being Replaced By Abstracted Services.” I know, doesn’t really sound like a catchy blog post, does it? Maybe more like an academic paper on the subject (which by itself might be interesting, but not exactly blog material). But the subject matter is the same: identifying and analyzing the trend in modern technological devices and services of becoming less of a “technology” and more of a “magical black-box thing.”

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. – Arthur C. Clarke

A Solid Start


The purpose of this blog is simple: to evangelize and encourage the use of solid state (flash-based) storage in computers in. The benefits of solid state drives (SSDs) are substantial vs. traditional spinning hard disk drives (HDDs), but the specifics of those benefits and the experience of using SSDs is difficult to explain to the uninitiated. But because of the significance of those benefits on the use of computers, it’s worth the effort to communicate and make the case for SSDs.

The Nominal Return of Bunsen Blog


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It has been a very long time since I’ve regularly composed entries in a weblog – or in the vernacular, “blogged.” In fact, the past several years for me have been largely absent of any written word for the sake of personal enjoyment. But as I have recently sorted through the archives of my old posts to put together this resurrection of the Bunsen Blog, I realize that I’ve been missing out on an important retrospective element of my digital life.