A Quick Update

My last blog entry was . . . oh goodness . . . over a month ago. So I’m here to correct this oversight with a brief yet hopefully worthwhile post updating my current occupation.

But first, a little background and a timeline. Five years ago, Case Western Reserve University contracted a private company called PerceptIS to provide both in-person and phone help desk support for the campus.  The contract was for 5 years, which has since expired. Long story short, the contract with Case was not renewed, and PerceptIS will no longer be providing any IT support to Case.

Unfortunately, I was employed by PerceptIS in a position at Case until recently. So when the contract was not renewed, my employment with PerceptIS (along with several other PerceptIS employees I worked with) was slated to end on July 31st. We did not learn of the contract renewal status until the middle of June, giving us all approximately a month and a half to find new jobs before becoming unemployed.

And in this economy, the competition isn’t easy. But fortunately, I was able to secure employment with Case directly, as they brought their in-person IT support in-house (instead of through a contractor). So, as of today, I am officially an employee of Case Western Reserve University. The accompanying benefits are quite nice, I might add. Especially in comparison to those I had with PerceptIS.

To start, I received a salary increase of roughly 30% over my pay from PerceptIS. I also can enjoy better health benefits at a lower cost per month, and a much better retirement plan through Case. Another nice perk is the ability to use the campus rec center for free. And most significantly, I will be able to take classes at Case with free tuition.

Overall, I’m very excited to be  starting my employment with Case. And although my job will probably be very similar to the one I held while employed by PerceptIS, this time around feels almost like an entirely new job. I’ll find out more tomorrow during my first day with our supervisor as we hammer out the role of the newly minted Customer Service & Support department within ITS at Case.

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