Whatever the plan, BE CONSISTENT! (Not to be confused with “stay the course”)

Starting next Monday, this blog will receive tri-weekly updates.  That’s going to be quite a different pace from the current posting schedule of . . . whenever I get around to it.  This is mostly for my readership (of which I think there is one person?), but also for my intellectual development.  Being ‘forced’ to compose a thoughtful essay on a variety of topics with regularity will be a positive step towards keeping my mind sharp (or at least not dulling further from it’s current state).

I’m also going to experiment with a podcast to supplement the BrainScan blog, and hopefully recruit some friends to contribute to a discussion-type podcast.  Hearing me read my blog entries out loud might be useful for those who would rather listen than read, but I think (as per a comment I heard today remarking on the benefit of a discussion vs. a soliloquy in a podcast) that a group podcast would be more interesting and engaging to an audience.

I’ll have more updates tomorrow.


  1. admin

    I was trying to be discrete. Now you’ve lifted the veil of secrecy from my readership numbers and revealed that there IS only one reader. Thanks, “dag.” At least I preserve YOUR anonymity!


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