The Incumbency of Thought


I had a bit of difficulty finding a good picture to place at the beginning of this post, and the one that I eventually went with was chosen more for its humor than for direct representation of the subject matter I’d like to discuss.  For although the danger incurred by running with the bulls can be seen in a pragmatic light as “stupid,” the incumbency of thought that I’m interested in is less of a mock-able topic.

Everyone knows about the 3G iPhone, but what about Snow Leopard?

I’m going to guess – and I think this is a fair assumption – that just about everyone has been focusing on the recent announcement of the 3G iPhone. Indeed, the announcement is no small event, and a good deal of coverage should be directed at the new smart phone. But for computer enthusiasts like myself, there were some other announcements at the World Wide Developers Conference that didn’t receive much press, yet were still of significant interest. In retrospect, maybe Apple should have renamed the event the “WWiDC” – short for “World Wide iPhone Developers Conference.”

Star Wars Floppy Disk

Sorry, this was too cool not to post: